why principio

Principio Group was created in response to a perceived lack of options in the marketplace for marketing solutions tailored to SMEs, professionals and start-ups.

In our opinion, several options are available to large companies or for young entrepreneurs (under 35 years), but help is more rare for companies in between.

Principio Group offers solutions that meet your needs. Whether you are looking to outsource your marketing, social media, or advertising; open international doors: or introduce training, we have a range of services that are sure to meet the needs of your business. 

Looking forward to having you as a client!


  • our mission

    Provide professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs with effective business solutions and innovative marketing initiatives to improve profitability and increase sales.

  • our values

    We treat our customers with respect and honesty. Our work is always done to ensure success for our clients, because our success depends on theirs.

  • our president
    Who is the person behind Principio Group? Find out more here...



Groupe Principio completed the upgrade of its own website

It has been some time since Principio Group last upgraded its website. It is now done! You will find references from past and present clients, informative videos, social media presences and articles that have been rewritten. And this is only the beginning. Looking forward to reading your comments or being part of your success.


23-08-2012 - École Polytechnique

Mr. Elmaleh Riel worked with "CARREFOUR PERFECTIONNEMENT POLYTECHNIQUE MONTRÉAL", as a business development agent. He was responsible for promoting customized training programs and develop partnerships with new clients in the public and private sectors that employ a significant contingent of engineers, technologists and technical managers. During his tenure, Mr. Elmaleh Riel has demonstrated professionalism and diligence. He has led projects with precision and skill. He showed great initiative and he made some interesting proposals to improve our business processes. His work has proved useful for increasing our training activities.

Diane Ratel, Agente de développement



Group Principio completed the update of the website for Langage d’ici

Langage d’ici’s website redesigning project is now completed. More than just an update, the site has additional training in marketing, leadership and social media. As well, we have incorporated videos to give more information on some of the seminars and let you see and know some of the teachers.


23-08-2012 - Clinique Santé Guindon

Thank you Stéphane for your excellent work promoting the services of «La Clinique Santé Guindon ». Your professionalism, your honesty and your experience in several areas of administration have been invaluable for the development of my business. Your knowledge of website design was ideal to start the web presence of the company. We have been working together since 2003, when Stéphane helped me start my clinic in Lachine. At that time, I had no clients. With a low cost marketing strategy, we were able to get the equivalent of a part-time schedule. At that time, I was really impressed with the results. Subsequently, we added traditional marketing and we continued to have a very favorable response.


23-08-2012 - Clinique Santé Guindon(next)

In 2009, my home practice was getting too big, I had too many clients and people had to wait two weeks before an appointment. So I rented a space with several treatment rooms. Stéphane started on a new website and changes were made every week to keep it up to date. Manly with Internet marketing strategies, we filled up the 3 days a week schedule of another osteopath. And we are beginning to fill up the 2 days a week schedule of yet another osteopath.We also have an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, an orthotist and a naturopath. We also hired a receptionist.


23-08-2012 - Clinique Santé Guindon(next)

During the last three years, the company has been growing at great speed. We recently sat down to plan our marketing strategy for fall 2012 and it promises more than ever. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend Groupe Principio to help develop and grow your business. Stéphane has a lot of creativity and uses traditional as well as online marketing initiatives.

Stéphan Guindon, owner, Clinique Santé Guindon, physiotherapist and osteopath


09-08-2012 - Finisterre

Mr. Elmaleh Riel, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your help, for your advices both to increase the sales at the company where I work as for your advices and guidance to start my own business. You are very well prepared; you know how to help your clients reach their goals. At that time, you were the light at the end of the tunnel for our company and your advices were always efficient and professional. Your commitment to our projects was as if it was your own business ... For this and much more ... Thank you!

Mariana J. Raynal Reygadas, administrative manager

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