marketing solutions

  • marketing strategy and planning

    To move from concept to inception, nothing helps more than a marketing plan which includes the elements of a good strategy for growing your business or your new product / service.

  • market study

    Knowing your competitors, their prices, the strategy they use to get their clients, etc. are all elements one must understand to develop a winning strategy.

  • web strategy

    Social Media, SEO, referrals from other sites or search engines, blogging, pay-per-clicks, banners, emails campaigns; they are all options that can help drive revenues upward. 

  • advertising

    Even in an increasingly computerized world, traditional advertising must occupy a very important place in your communicational mix.

  • action plan
    You have a project in mind and are ready to launch? Still seem to be missing a few steps? Thanks to our marketing action plan, you will have a clear roadmap to follow.
  • pricing strategy

    There is market pricing, the cost-based pricing, pricing to grab market share, pricing as a positioning tool. In short, your pricing strategy can be a challenge. We can help you.

  • products/services development

    You have a product or service ready to bring to market. But did you consider the factors that make it different from your competitors? Value added elements? The story of your product/service/company which creates a connection with your clients? The marketing dimension of a product or service can make a big difference.

  • corporate image

    Unless you are self-employed you will need a corporate image and a business name. The colors, the experience and the representation of your company can be expertly captured in a symbol which will become your logo. Please contact us for expert solutions to this challenge.

marketing outsourcing

Marketing outsourcing has been around for several years. Large companies use outside consultants for special projects on a regular basis.  Another sector that is using marketing outsourcing as a prime leverage in its business model is franchise systems. Indeed, a person who buys a restaurant from a reputable chain wants to have everything in place to ensure that the restaurant’s management is as effortless as possible.  But at the same time, he/she expects that the restaurant will generate customers through advertising and other initiatives.  Not all of these functions are carried out by the head office of the franchising system, so embarking into a franchise concept means one does need to delegate some or all of the marketing functions.

Why deal with an external consultant to manage your marketing?